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Facilitating the achievement oNational Development Goalthrough Good Cause Projects.

Who We Are

The National Lottery Trust Fund is an agency established under section 35 of the National Lottery Act 2005 by the Federal Government of Nigeria to facilitate the achievement of national development goals through the promotion of access to lottery funding for good cause projects that are transformational and sustainable, with lasting impact for people and communities. The Trust Fund formally commenced operations 2nd November, 2005 with the appointment and inauguration of its pioneer Board of Trustees.

Mr. Tosin Adeyanju

Executive Secretary / CEO

It is with great pleasure and a deep sense of responsibility that I welcome you to the official website of the National Lottery Trust Fund (NLTF) at www.nltf.gov.ng. This site will guide you through our mission, vision, core values, and impactful projects funded by lottery proceeds across various Nigerian communities.

Areas of Intervention

Established under Section 35 of the National Lottery Act, 2005

sponsoring good causes

The National Lottery Trust Fund propels transformative initiatives by supporting projects that benefit the wider population.

Regulatory Impact

2009: Lottery industry regulated; operators contribute 20%, raising ₦3.8 Billion for impactful initiatives.

Regulatory Impact

Presidential Approval

In April 2014, Former President Goodluck Jonathan endorsed lottery proceeds for grassroots sports development in primary schools.

Presidential Approval

Local Sports progress

Cultivating young athletes for future Olympic participation, enhancing sports at the grassroots level.

Grassroots Sports Development

“Driver for Social Transformation”

Promoting good causes for Nigerians

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Promoting good causes for Nigerians

The Trust Fund

As a leading advocate of the value of lotteries and as an alternative source of revenue, the Trust Fund will be investing a lot of money raised from lotteries to complement the efforts of government in projects ranging from the provision of basic health-care facilities, learning materials, refurbishment of educational facilities, ecological, resettlement of displaced persons and the provision of world-class sporting facilities.

Transparency 100%
Integrity 100%
Accountability 100%
Prioritization 100%


The National Lottery Act 2005 allows the lottery business in Nigeria to be run by licensed lottery operators under the close supervision of the national lottery regulatory commission.
The National Lottery Act stipulates that 50% of all proceeds must go to players as prizes and 20% to the National Lottery Trust Fund for Good Causes. This means that 70% of the total proceeds of Lottery games actually go back to benefit the people who play the games and the entire community. Only 30% is left to the operator to cover the costs of administration and operating the lottery games.

The allocation of funds to the various sectors are as follows:

  • Sport 20%

  • Art 20%

  • Heritage 20%

  • Health, Education, Environment and Charitable Causes 40%

People Trained & Empowered
Spent on Good Course Projects
Interventions Across Nigeria