The trust fund

Establishment of the trust fund

The National Lottery Trust Fund is an agency established under section 35 of the National Lottery Act 2005 by the Federal Government of Nigeria to facilitate the achievement of national development goals through the promotion of access to lottery funding for good cause projects which are transformational and sustainable, with lasting impact for people and communities. The Trust Fund formally commenced operations 2nd November, 2005 with the appointment and inauguration of its pioneer Board of Trustees.

As a leading advocate of the value of lotteries and as an alternative source of revenue, the Trust Fund will be investing a lot of money raised from lotteries to complement the efforts of government in projects ranging from the provision of basic health-care facilities, learning materials, refurbishment of educational facilities, ecological, resettlement of displaced persons and the provision of world-class sporting facilities.
Empowered to receive a statutory 20% of all lottery proceeds and apply the received funds to projects in the sectors mentioned above, the Trust Fund is accountable to the President, Federal Republic of Nigeria and administered through the Office of the Honourable Minister of Special Duties & Inter-governmental Affairs of the Federation of Nigeria.

Our vision

“Driver for Social Transformation”
We are urged to pursue sustainable social investments in a broad, inclusive, distinctive and integrated approach firmly grounded in Nigeria’s national development agenda.

Our Mission

To strategically complement the efforts of government in improving the quality of life for all Nigerians through the investment of lottery funds in innovative projects that responds to the need of our people.

Our Mandate

The National Lottery Trust Fund is an agency of the Federal Government established under the National Lottery Act 2005 to take custody of a certain percentage of the proceeds of all national lottery operations in Nigeria as stated in section 24(3) of the Act, and utilize same in the execution of good cause projects across the country for the benefit and wellbeing of the Nigerian people.

Section 40(a) of the Act lists the good cause projects covered by the mandate to include “….
projects for the advancement, upliftment and promotion of sports development, education, social services, public welfare and relief and management of natural disasters in Nigeria.

Section 40(b) of the Act empowers the Trust Fund to also “… apply the proceeds of the fund from time to time to the cost of administration of the agency”.

Our people

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Bello Maigari, CPMP (Lond), FCPM, FCS

Executive Secretary


It is with great delight and high sense of commitment that I welcome you to our new website/domain that has been on the drawing board for some time and whose remit is to offer free information to the general public about the new innovations taking place in the Trust Fund. The initiative to unveil the e-platform also is one of strategic decision to reposition and connect with customers, partners and stakeholders to promote good causes given what lottery can achieve for Nigeria through massive socio-economic transformation leveraging lottery as a funding mechanism. 
With over 3,000 projects in sports, health, education, ecological and resettlement matters, arts and a host of other good cause projects that will impact positively on the social wellbeing of the citizenry spread across the six geo-political zones and the Federal Capital already underway upon approval as prescribed under Section 40 (a) of the National Lottery Act, 2005, will see investments being made worth over 5 billion Naira in the next few years and therefore the need for our organization to tell its story has never been more crucial and auspicious given today’s world of digital media where information manifests in split seconds underpinned by internet ubiquity. 
At National Lottery Trust Fund, our commitment to fulfilling our mandate of promoting access to lottery funding for good cause intervention projects is unwavering, we will continue to remain consistent to quality, adherence to best practice and building awareness on the value of lottery to modern life and its transformational legacy as well as foster understanding of the role of national lottery funding among the public. 
We can guarantee you that as you browse through our website you will find information about our outreach activities richly educating reflecting the very objective for which the Trust Fund was established – actively working to better a lot of Nigerians through robust social development projects for people and communities.
Welcome to the National Lottery Trust Fund – Driver for Social Transformation.

Bello Maigari, CPMP (Lond), FCMP, FCS, FNIM.
Executive Secretary

board of trustees

management team

zonal officers











  • Promote access to lottery funding given dwindling sources of public finance and deliver positive social outcomes to those most in need through the promotion of good causes in our regional development work country-wide.
  • Deliver our intervention programmes in line with the aims set out in our strategic plan which focuses on the use of our resources (as approved by the President upon recommendation of our Board of Trustees), whilst retaining the flexibility to respond quickly and effectively to changing demands from applicants, potential applicants and grant recipients, and remain steadfast in intervening in projects prescribed by the extant law.
  • Continue building awareness of the value of lottery to modern life and its transformational legacy, and foster understanding of the role of national lottery funding among Nigerians.
  • Measure and evaluate the benefits lottery intervention funding has secured for the nation and encourage the protection of these legacies by beneficiaries.
  • Investigate and develop industry-relevant grant-making policies and initiatives in response to external challenges and opportunities within our operating environment.
  • Commence consultations with the general public and key stakeholders in the lottery industry to develop the agency’s 4-year strategic plan.
  • Continue to develop effective internal communication for the National Lottery Trust Fund.
  • Make progress against service delivery targets as enshrined in the ‘Presidential Enabling Business Environment Council (PEBEC)’ and reflect the Principles of Federal Character in our grant-giving practices, governance, and the workforce.
  • Ensure provision of efficient and reliable Information Technology and Knowledge Management Systems, appropriate office accommodation, quality industry-relevant training and a fair reward scheme for staff of the National Lottery Trust Fund.
  • Continue to actively pursue the collections of statutory remittances of lottery proceeds from licensed lottery operators and business promoters in accordance with Section 24(3) of the extant law, and work actively in collaboration with the National Lottery Regulatory Commission to grow the revenue profile of the Fund.
  • Continue to improve National Lottery Trust Fund’s efficiency and economy so as to deliver the caps imposed on capital and recurrent expenditures in the National Budget in order to achieve the Federal Government’s objectives set out in the ‘Economic Recovery & Growth Plan (ERGP) – Implementation Plan’ and by extension the ‘Change Agenda’ of the current Administration.
  • Continue to assess all levels of risks to social investments undertaken by the Trust Fund and work actively in collaboration with relevant agencies of the government towards managing those risks in order for Nigerians to enjoy and pass on to future generations the legacies lottery funding has secured for the country.